Convert from Oil to Gas This Spring with Rowell’s Services

Many of our customers have been asking us about oil to gas conversion services. This is becoming increasingly popular in New Hampshire, where so many homes are old and have outdated HVAC systems. If you have heating oil to warm your space, but are considering switching things up and upgrading to gas, reach out to us.

We have prepared this little guide to share information about heating oil conversions and why so many of your neighbors have been doing it!

The Benefits of Converting from Oil to Gas

  • The cost of oil to gas conversion is an investment. It will save you money in the long run on your utility bills to have a more efficient system working to heat your home. Studies from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show it can save you around $1,077 per year.
  • It can be a great replacement option. If you are at the point that your current heater needs to be replaced because it is getting too old, it’s the perfect opportunity to switch and have a gas one put in. Since you already need heating installation, you might as well upgrade.
  • Gas heaters need less maintenance. If you have a gas-powered heater, it does not need as much professional attention. You don’t need chimney cleanings, nozzle changes, or things associated with oil.
  • Convenient supply. It can be difficult to coordinate getting heating oil to you home. Gas, on the other hand, is already supplied in lines connected to the property.
  • Better for the environment. Gas heating is a cleaner source of warming up a place. It harms the atmosphere less than oil heating, so you can feel better about your environmental impact.

Call Rowell’s Services now if you want to hear more reasons about why gas heating may be a better option for your New Hampshire property. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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