End Of Summer AC Tips From Rowell’s Services

As the summer ends, you might feel relieved, especially if you avoided needing AC repair in Northfield this year. Keep your Northfield HVAC in great shape this winter by doing the following things once summer is over! If your need immediate AC service in Northfield, don’t hesitate to call Rowell’s Services.

Change Your Filter

Make sure you change your filters regularly and put a new one in when you’re done using your AC this year. Regular filter changes help you avoid air conditioning repairs and premature AC replacement in Northfield.

Check the Electrical Connections

Look around the outside of your AC unit to locate the wires that give it power. Make sure they are properly insulated and that there aren’t any bare wires or other obvious issues. If you see any, call right away for an AC tune up in Northfield, and we’ll take care of these problems for you.

Pay Attention to the Unit While it Runs

Turn on the air conditioner and listen to it. Spend time with both the outside unit and the blower in the furnace. If you hear any rattling, squealing, pinging, popping, scraping, or other sounds, call us for an AC repair right away!

Check and Clean the Condenser Coils

Take off the outer housing of your outdoor AC unit. Clean off the coils, gently vacuum them and remove dust and debris from them. This can hamper air flow and cooling power and make it more likely you’ll need an AC repair in Northfield.

Weigh Upgrade Options

If your air conditioner is older or is costing a lot to run, consider an AC replacement in Northfield. You may also want to do this if you have to call for air conditioning repairs regularly! We can help you find a new, efficient unit that will work well for many years.

Get AC Tune Up

Call to schedule your AC tune up in Northfield. We’ll come out to test each component of your air conditioner, change your filters, clean out the unit, and more. If we discover that you need an AC repair, we’ll get that done for you ASAP so you won’t have to worry about your AC the next time you turn it on.

Call For Expert AC Maintenance in Northfield today!

Rely on our skilled team of HVAC technicians from Rowell’s Services today, or anytime you need AC help. We’ll help you take care of your air conditioning in New Hampshire so it will run well, cool effectively, and not require frequent replacement.


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