Do You Need to Replace Your Cast Iron Sewer Line?

Do You Need to Replace Your Cast Iron Sewer Line?

New homeowners of older houses are often ready to have a heart attack after calling a New Hampshire plumber to determine why they are smelling sewer gas in the house. After an inspection, the plumber will say, “You need to replace the old cast iron sewer line underneath the cement slab your house is built on.” That’s going to be an expensive repair job in New Hampshire!

How To Prevent Cast Iron Sewer Line Problems

But is it always necessary to replace cast iron pipes?

Not always. Homes built before the mid-1970s to 80s that still have the original drain and sewer system will have mostly cast-iron pipes. They can last 80 to 100 years, but are subject to problems like rust, build-up and lead-welded joints that can significantly shorten their lifespan. The next time you think you need sewer cleaning in Concord, Nashua, Manchester, or the surrounding areas, you may actually need pipe lining, or another form of trenchless sewer service. If you have a cracked cast iron drain pipe or need cast iron sewer line replacement don’t wait – call the New Hampshire plumbers at Rowell’s!

Tuberculation in Cast Iron Pipes

After about 25 years, a type of corrosion that happens inside cast-iron pipes will thicken the walls of the pipes and reduce flow capacity by about 25 percent. These corrosion deposits catch debris that is flushed down the drain and this can cause clogs. Worse still, oil and grease can adhere to these corrosion deposits and shrink the flow of the pipe even more. When some plumbers run their cameras through these pipes, they may quickly conclude that they are too clogged and need to be replaced. A New Hampshire drain-cleaning service expert will use hydro jetting to blast away debris for cleaning cast iron drain pipes, flush grease and descale the cast iron pipe. Unless the pipe is damaged or cracked, hydro jetting may solve the problem.

Sagging Plumbing Pipes

Compare lifting a cast iron frying pan to lifting a Tupperware container. That’s roughly like the difference in weight between cast iron and PVC pipes. Due to tuberculation and clogging, the pipes can get even heavier and settle down. If any joints are weak, the pipes will sag, creating a valley, and a potentially cracked cast iron drain pipe. Think of that straight pipe slowly turning into a V-shape. Standing water in the low spots can prevent sewer gas from moving down the drain, thus, backing it up so that it comes up through toilet bowls or bathroom drains. Sagging pipes that fill up with standing water need to be replaced via a sewer drain liner, or other trenchless sewer repair methods.

Clogged House Trap

Cast iron drain systems can have a house trap that can get clogged up. If you have access to it (like a removal floorboard), the house trap can be removed and replaced with straight pipe. But if the foundation has to be broken to access it, it’s usually best to go ahead and replace the entire drain pipe under the house. The good news is drain and sewer pipe replacements have never been easier!

Cast Iron Sewer Line Replacement in Concord, Nashua, Manchester, and More!

You don’t always have to replace cast iron drain/sewer lines. The Drain & Excavation Experts at Rowell’s Services will be able to advise you whether your cast iron line can be cleaned out, by one of our expert New Hampshire plumbers or if it needs to be replaced.

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